Monday, December 21, 2009

The new album of female fronted heavy metal band RAMPART is out now

The new album by the female fronted Bulgarian HEAVY METAL band RAMPART is out now on INFERNO Records! Entitled "VOICE OF THE WILDERNESS", this album includes 9 songs to please all maniacs into classic Heavy Metal bands like RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER, ADX, HELLOWEEN & IRON MAIDEN !

You can listen to three NEW songs from the album ("Desert Of Time", "The Flood", "Age Of Steel") on RAMPART official MySpace > !!!
Support this band & don't miss the album ! You'll be amazed !
The tracklist of "Voice of the Wilderness" album is:
1. Under Control
2. Warriors
3. Voice of the Wilderness
4. The Flood
5. Desert of Time
6. Orchrist
7. Age of Steel
8. Mirror to Dreams
9. Stay Aside
In "VOICE OF THE WILDERNESS" as a guest musician took part Sofia Vancheva. She recorded the violins, the viola and the cello in the song called "Age of Steel". The album is filled with melodies, rhythms, double guitar solos and surprising orchestrations.

RAMPART were chosen by EPICUS Records to take part in a tribute album to HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY. The band recorded the HELLOWEEN cover song "Just a Little Sign". Norway's GAIA EPICUS, Germany's KICKHUNTER (featuring HELLOWEEN bassist Markus Großkopf), Slovakia's SIGNUM REGIS (featuring former YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/GLORY singer Göran Edman) are among the bands who participate in the album called "HELLORAY". The release will be out in the beginning of 2010.

The music of RAMPART follows the concept that life is frequently a range of people and events, which earn the taste of something we lived through, something exciting - the apparition of the original and the reality of the traditional heavy metal. The band keeps the true metal spirit alive!

News by: thrashdetector

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